Beckenham Wedding Photographer, Tessa Clements reveals her favourite Beckenham Wedding Venue.

Beckenham Place Mansion is a beauty to the eyes. Nestled away in a corner of South East London, this unique Beckenham wedding venue offers romanticism, character and acres of space. A photographer’s paradise.

Inside the Georgian Mansion, characterful rooms are adorned by ornate furnishings, and its grounds offer sweeping vistas of greenery and woodland. All of which make it a stunning place to hold your wedding and the ultimate venue for amazing wedding photos. For a Beckenham Wedding Photographer, this venue definitely ticks all the boxes and I’m so happy that the lovely management team have listed me as one of their recommended photographers for the venue.

Light and intimate ceremony room

The ceremony room has the most elegant ceiling mural and stunning balcony windows. Natural light floods in, making it a light and airy room for wedding vows.



Ornate dining room

Wooden floors, a Georgian fireplace and ornate plasterwork make this room perfect to feed all your wedding guests. It is often brought alive with the giggles from Best Man speeches and late night dancing to the live music bands that fill the room.

fireplace in dining room at Beckenham Place Park taken by Beckenham wedding photographer


interior shot of wedding dining room taken by Beckenham wedding photographer       

wedding couple dancing in photo by Beckenham photographer at Beckenham Place Mansion

Acres of outdoor wedding photo opportunities

With the backdrop of the Mansion or acres of parkland and woodland to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice on where to have your bride and groom portraits. Living in Beckenham, I know the park really well and take my couples to all the best spots. Click here to see more of my wedding photography images.

Bride and groom in Beckenham Place Park sitting on log  Bride and groom walking shot at Beckenham Place Park with Beckenham Place Mansion in the background

newly married couple in park taken by Beckenham wedding photographer   

fun bridal party image taken outside Beckenham Place Mansion by Beckenham Wedding Photographer   

    Bride and groom portrait in gardens of Beckenham Place park wedding taken by Beckenham photographer

Wedding couple sitting in Beckenham place park on log smiling at Beckenham photographer in black and white photo    Wedding couple standing by white taxi outside Beckenham Place Mansion smiling at Beckenham photographer in black and white photo

group photo of all wedding guests outside Beckenham Place Mansion     


Wedding photos with beautiful indoor backdrops

As we all know, British weather can sometimes throw us a wild card. But in this venue, rain doesn’t cause a problem. There are countless rooms and decorative archways to have your photos taken in.


  bride and groom inside the dining room taken by Beckenham wedding photographer



Get in touch……

If you’re looking for a picturesque and historic venue that’s close to London but feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere, Beckenham Place Mansion is your venue. I absolutely love returning to this venue again and again. If you’d like to know more check out their website here : Beckenham Place Mansion

If you’re getting married soon and would like to see more of my Wedding Photography at Beckenham Place Mansion please get in touch so I can show you some of my wedding albums  contact me  to find out more about my photography packages.

Some of the wedding floral displays featured in these images were created by the very talented Elaine @ Pesh Flowers.

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