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Choosing a family photographer in Beckenham can be hard. There are so many photographers to choose from. But I’d like to help you choose the right family photographer in Beckenham for you.  Asking yourself the following two questions should help….

1 – Do I like their style of photos?

2 – Do I think we will enjoy hanging out with them?

Sisters giggling and tickling each other on a bench in Kelsey Park, Beckenham

Family photo of Dad and young daughter sitting on steps reading book in Beckenham, daughter looking lovingly into Dad's eyes in Beckenham, a lovely natural family moment captured

Dad and daughter reading together

Personally I love to take photos that show the more natural fun side of family life. Children don’t want to be posed into stiff awkward poses and asked to smile on demand. They want to have fun. That’s why I make my family shoots as fun and relaxed as possible  – which then transfers into the natural family images I capture for you.

Before the shoot I chat to you on the phone to find out what your children are like and what they are ‘into’ at the moment. This means I can have a natter with them on the day about the things that excite them and can tailor my approach to their own little personalities. I always have a bag of props available to distract them with and a furry friend on my camera that can help them look in the right direction. (Sometimes he even talks to them! But don’t worry he’s not real!)

Hanging out with families and capturing those special moments can be so much fun. And I feel very privileged to be able to do this for so many families near me.

If you’d like to look at my family photography please click here.

 “Tessa takes the most amazing family photos – we’ve used her twice now and the results have been wonderful. She is fantastic with the kids, and as a result gets great shots of them, combined with thoughtful preparation beforehand. Her photos are proudly displayed in our house and all the grandparents’ houses too.” Amy Gutcher

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